Worksheet Details

This record keeping system contains 16 different worksheets and forms to help you in organizing your rabbit/cavy records.  I have not included a financial worksheet as many people set up this information through a special checking account or computer spreadsheets.  My original set of forms is specifically for rabbits, but I will gladly create a set of cavy forms if I get a request for them.

You will receive the following forms and informational pages:

31 Day Gestation Table
Production Schedule
Weekly Production Schedule
Monthly Production Summary
Annual Production Summary (calendar and “youth”)
Cage Cards — Buck and Doe
Production Record Forms — Buck and Doe
Market Rabbit Production Summary (calendar and “youth”)
General Culling Worksheet (breed standard culling)
Strictly by the Numbers (uses formulas) — Buck and Doe
Pedigree Form
Carrier Cards
For Sale Cards

With these forms, you will be able to track breeding records (dates and successes), kindling records (dates, numbers born dead/alive), weaning records (numbers raised, bucks, does), market records (sold, kept) and much more.  You will get the “big picture” for your breeding program and know what goals to set for yourself.  Click here to see an example of the forms.

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