Turn the Radio On

Turn the Radio On

In the 15 years we’ve had rabbits, we’ve been in hundreds of barns looking at stock and just visiting friends across the country.  We recently visited a friend’s rabbit barns to look at some potential stock.  I say we visited the barns, but we really were only in the yard.  We stood right outside the door looking at cages and rabbits, but weren’t allowed to go it.  Now I know some folks don’t like visitors due to biosecurity, personal safety, fear of people snooping, etc.  These folks insisted that even their cleaning guy wasn’t allowed in without a towel on his head as a disguise because the rabbits would panic and get hurt.

To assist our rabbits in being comfortable around strangers and an assortment of noises, we keep a radio on for them all the time.  Now, I must admit … I enjoy the radio when I’m working; but the rabbits don’t get spooked when someone different enters the barn.  And then there is my 19 month old granddaughter … she helps in the rabbitry and the rabbits in the lower cages are getting used to her opening the cage door and almost crawling into the cage in order to pet the inhabitant of that particular cage.

Just like when we attempt to shelter our kids from harmful situations, when we attempt to shelter our rabbits from the stress of noises at home, we actually stress them out in a bigger way when we take them out to show for a whole day.  The amount of stress from a cooped show or a convention would be overwhelming.  In an effort to protect them from stress, they are doing just the opposite.  We’ve had lightening strike across the road, emergency sirens from rescue squads, neighbor kids screaming, car horns getting stuck, vacuum cleaners, and numerous other loud noises …  and the rabbits don’t even jump … they just go on about whatever they were doing.  When we’re away from home, the buns are content in their carriers and obviously relaxed … often falling asleep despite the commotion around them at a show.

Pamper your rabbits, give them a radio 🙂  You’ll enjoy the music when you are feeding, cleaning, grooming, etc … AND … they will be more accustomed to unusual sounds and less likely to panic and hurt themselves.  I have running water and a huge sink in my rabbitry this time around and one of these days, I’ll get them a TV … then my family will never get me in the house (good thing my kids are grown) 🙂

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