Trim Those Toenails

Trim Those Toenails

I’ve had an opportunity over the past couple of months to visit a number of rabbitries as I looked for foundation stock and also to watch a lot of judging at rabbit shows.  Trimming toenails takes only a few minutes every month and yet a large number of people forget or ignore this health maintenance task … I guess they don’t think it’s very important.

I looked a number of rabbits while looking for my start-up animals and almost all of them were badly in need of nail trimming.  Quite a few of the animals had sore front pawsand hocks (some almost bleeding).  Simply trimming the nails would likely eliminate the discomfort these animals feel as they sit hunched up in their cages.  They sit in a manner allowing the nails to go down through the wire which means unnecessary pressure is put on the pads of their feet which creates sore spots.  Trimming the nails allows the feet to flatten out and absorb more of the pressure.  After trimming the feet, a resting pad of some kind in the cage for a short period of time helps heal the sores.  Keeping the nails trimmed will reduce the incidence of sore feet/hocks.

For those rabbits that are on the show table, keeping toenails trimmed allows the rabbit to be properly posed.  When nails are long, it is almost impossible for the rabbit to put its feet flat on the table so it can sit and be posed correctly.  Trimming nails is a necessary part of  grooming your rabbit whether it’s a show rabbit or a member of your breeding herd.  Keeping it done (on a monthly basis) also makes it easier to do than letting it go for several months.

There are lots of “how to” articles and videos on the internet.  I’ve included some links below and you can also click on my YouTube link at the top left and there are some videos on my Designer Bunnies channel.

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