The Search for Answers

The Search for Answers

If you’ve read the About the Author page, you know our “rabbit habit” started quite innocently and totally by accident.  As with anything that interests me, I kind of immersed myself in books for a couple of weeks and soaked up all the information I could.  As a result, my family learned a lot about rabbitry management in a really short period of time. As we got deeper into the addiction, my daughter got involved in youth contests and royalty so we naturally started studying the Standard and learning about other breeds.  As we got more and more involved, we met and talked to folks from all over the country and even a few foreign countries.

The result of  all this reading is a pretty extensive base of knowledge to draw on when someone has a question.  And if I don’t know or can’t remember, the research nerd in my goes looking for it.  Folks often ask what they should read when they get started in the rabbit world.  We compiled a list a long time ago and it still pretty much stands as the test of time.

Joining ARBA was some of the best money we ever spent.  With a membership, you receive a great book “Raising Better Rabbits & Cavies” that is worth its weight in gold for any new rabbit owner.  I also recommend you join the national specialty club for the breed(s) you’ve chosen.  Most of them publish a guidebook that is chock full of rabbitry management tips and offers breed specific information that you’ll find useful.

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