Sales Policy

Sales Policy

I am often asked about the Sales Policy we used when we had rabbits.  So I thought I would share it here.

The following sales policy is in effect for all Designer Bunnies sales.  A copy of this policy is provided with every purchase at the time of sale.  Designer Bunnies has the right to refuse any sale for any reason.  All sales are final, and I do not refund money.   It is understood by the buyer that a “named” rabbit will retain that name on the pedigree and young stock purchased prior to naming will retain the prefix Designer when named.


  • All rabbits will be healthy, to the best of my knowledge, at the time of sale.  You are welcome to inspect the animal(s) at the time of the sale.
  • I will not sell any rabbit showing outward signs of disease, infection, or any other visible illness.
  • As care, handling, environment, food, etc all impact the health of a rabbit and I have no control over that when a rabbit leave my rabbitry, I make no guarantee or warranty.  If, within 7 days of delivery (to you, the buyer, or to your designee), a rabbit is returned to me AND accompanied by a veterinarian’s certificate indicating what would have been a pre-existing condition/illness/health problems, I will replace it with another rabbit of the same value.  As I have a small rabbitry, it may be necessary for you to wait for the next available litter.  I will make every effort to provide the same sex and color as the original rabbit but this may not be possible.
  • Every effort is made to properly determine the sex of your rabbit when you purchase it.  However, even long-time breeders occasionally make a mistake when sexing young rabbits.  As the buyer, you fully acknowledge and accept this possibility.
  • Rabbits are handled on a daily basis and bred for both quality and disposition.  I will not sell any rabbit that shows the slightest sign of aggression (this includes breeding stock).


  • The rabbits listed as show and/or breeding prospects are rabbits I believe show promise in these areas.
  • Faults and/or disqualifications are clearly listed on the “For Sale” page.
  • All show and/or breeding quality stock is sold with a complete pedigree unless otherwise noted and agreed upon (this will also be noted on the partial pedigree).
  • Your purchase of a show quality rabbit is, in no way, a guarantee of a successful show career for that rabbit.  Along these same lines, while animals sold from my brood stock are producing for me … I cannot guarantee the same results for you.

Hold Policy

  • I require a non-refundable 50% deposit for each rabbit you desire to purchase.
  • No rabbit will be placed on hold until the deposit is received.
  • A delivery date will be established when the deposit is received.  Any rabbit not picked up with in two weeks of that date will be re-listed in my “For Sale” album and you will forfeit your deposit.  Extenuating circumstances will, of course, be considered.
  • The balance of your payment is due at the time of delivery in either cash or certified funds.
  • Any rabbit “ON HOLD” remains the property of Designer Bunnies until full payment is received.


  • I cannot, at this time, offer shipping for any rabbit.   I will discuss pick up/delivery options prior to your sending a deposit.   Please email me for possible options.
  • If you plan to pick up at a show I am attending, you must notify me at least 2 days before the show and your purchase must be picked up before 10 am on show day.  If you are no show/no call, the rabbit will be made available for purchase to those at the show site.
  • I am not responsible for any rabbit after you take delivery.  If for any reason you find you cannot keep your rabbit, I will take it back provided it is accompanied by an adequate cage and supplies.  I will then make every effort to find the rabbit a new home.


  • All pet rabbits sold by Designer Bunnies will include “Pet Bunny Package”.
  • Pet rabbits are sold without a pedigree.  However, if desired, I will be glad to provide a special Bunny Birth Certificate.
  • A one week supply of food will be included with the sale of a pet rabbit.  It is understood the buyer will purchase feed immediately to mix with my feed which will gradually transition the rabbit to the new feed.
  • You can receive free advice on any rabbit you purchase via email or telephone.

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