Record Keeping

Accurate rabbit/cavy records are essential if you’re going to keep on top of your breeding program and monitor herd health and performance.  A good herd-health program cannot operate without complete records.  They are invaluable to you in spotting problems, determining their cause, and deciding what steps to take.

Herds of all sizes benefit from complete, accurate records.  Whether you have less than 12 cages/holes, more than 200, or anywhere in between — complete records help when culling nonproductive breeding stock and selecting replacement stock.  Unfortunately, records do not keep themselves.  The success of any record keeping program is in the regular updating and keeping of accurate records.

The worksheets in this system help summarize the details of herd production.  These details measure production efficiency and the records will help you compare the details with previous records as well as to your goals.  Subtle changes in production will prompt you to look for the causes and take steps to correct the situation.

While several pedigree software programs include some record keeping features, we found it necessary to have worksheets in the barn and then would update the computer records.  The monthly and annual summaries also gave an overview of the whole rabbitry rather than a picture of individual rabbits in the herd.  For those who do not have pedigree software or don’t use the record keeping features in the software, these worksheets provide great advantages in getting a total view of your production.

We created these worksheets over a period of several years and incorporated ideas and suggestions from friends and other livestock management programs.  These records were especially important when Amanda was competing in ARBA youth contests (Management, Achievement, Royalty) as they helped her provide specific details about numbers and percentages that she would not have otherwise known.  The annual summaries are in two formats – calendar year and “youth” year (begins in August and ends in July for those in 4-H, FFA, etc – this format is perfect for those competing in ARBA youth contests). 

Click here for a list of the forms you will receive in this system as well as screenshots of most of the worksheets.  

The cost of this complete set of worksheets is $15.  Immediately after payment, you will be redirected to a page where you can download the ZIP file which contains 16 individual worksheets in PDF format (plus the 2 extra youth formatted sheets).  You can then print worksheets as you need them.  Some forms are better printed on card stock but this is your choice.