Purchasing Your Pet Rabbit

Purchasing Your Pet Rabbit

You’ve decided you want a rabbit for a pet but don’t know where to start.  Rather diving in, take the time to research how to care for a rabbit and what breed of rabbit will work best for you and/or your family.  There are 47 different breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) — each of them with their own unique personality and needs.

Wool breeds (angora, jersey wooly, fuzzy lop, etc) require regular grooming to keep their fur free from mats.  Some breeds tend to be more high strung than others — but there are always exceptions.  Some breeds get very large (12+ pounds).  Do you want a rabbit that big?  Several breeds are small or mini breeds.  A 2 pound rabbit is obviously more delicate than a 12 pound rabbit .  Will small children be handling the rabbit (they should always be supervised)? 

Rabbits have strong back legs and their first instinct when frightened are to use those back legs — expect to be scratched. Never declaw a rabbit!  If the rabbit gets out or is attacked by a cat or dog in your yard while exercising, it has NO way to defend itself.

I strongly believe, for a variety of reasons, that it’s best to purchase your pet from a responsible breeder rather than a flea market or pet store.  Please click here  to read an article covering this topic.

The ARBA logo to the left under Memberships will take you to a site which shows pictures of each breed and from there you can visit many of the sites for those individual breeds.  While I appreciate each of the breeds, I have my favorites.  When you fall in love with a particular breed, it will get “under your skin” and you’ll stick with it.

So if you’ve decided to get a rabbit, take the time to select the right one.  You never know, I may just see you at the show tables some day  🙂

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