Show Your Buns

Show Your Buns

A Beginner's Guide to Rabbit Shows


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Are you new to rabbits? Are you thinking about showing? Want to know more? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this e-book is for you!

Are you a seasoned breeder? Do you have folks “new to rabbit shows” buy stock from you? Are you a 4-H/Youth leader with new folks who might want to show? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this e-book is for you and/or your customers.

A thorough, fun, personable look at the world of rabbit shows in the United States. The author knows her way around a rabbit show whether it’s a small local show or a large national convention and provides not only basic information but includes plenty of witty detail so you’re not lost or confused as you begin your adventure into the “rabbit habit”. You’ll be able to hop right in and begin sharing in the fun from your very first show.

This e-book is for the person who has never attended a rabbit show as well as those who have been to a few, but still aren’t quite sure about the whole thing. It is also a perfect addition to your sales packet for newbies: pedigree, ARBA membership application, breed club application, local club information, care and feeding information, Show Your Buns download certificate. Do you remember your first rabbit show?!?!?! Many questions are answered so folks feel comfortable at their first show rather than overwhelmed.

Topics covered include: pedigrees, breed selection, club membership, transporting, making entries, show procedure, show reports,and more. A blend of how-to and humor, it is the author’s desire to get you to that first rabbit show on time and save you money doing it.

Early Reviews

“Great job! … With that personable/conversational approach you have put things into layman’s terms which is what newer enthusiasts need for better comprehension.” ~ Eric Stewart, ARBA Executive Director and Judge

“… this is something that needs to be out there.” ~ Jeff Albright, ARBA Judge

“… just about everything a beginner needs to know. There is a need for such a booklet.” ~ Glen Carr, ARBA Judge and past ARBA Secretary

“This is an EXCELLENT book for everything you need or want to know about showing rabbits 🙂 I absolutely LOVE your book! Such detail while still being entertaining – thank you so much …” ~ Tiffany C, New rabbit enthusiast

“This is a must read for anyone new to showing rabbits! Very well written and easy to understand, lots of great information!” ~ Susan L, Seasoned exhibitor